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Gonzalo Higuain to DC, MLS in Orlando, and burnt chickpeas: Freedom Kicks for 21 May 2020

Chickpeas, go!

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Soccer: USA Women’s National Soccer Team Victory Tour-Korea at USA Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning! We have recently set up a bird feeder right next to my work from home desk, and so I just got to see a cardinal fly up, think about bailing, then land and eat some seed, all while my cat sat a foot away and did not care.

To the links!

Gonzalo Higuain a blockbuster possibility for D.C. United - The Washington Post

This would be quite the replacement for Wayne Rooney! Having his brother here probably helps the introduction phase, but after that it’ll come down to the team around Gonzalo Higuain and the money that Levien and Kaplan and Co. can put on the table. I am here for D.C. United having this level of ambition, though.

How MLS’s Orlando tournament could impact current, future broadcast deals – The Athletic

There are still a lot of things to get worked out before any possible games in Orlando could happen, including which of the league’s national broadcast partners would air the games and what would happen to local broadcast righits.

And all the teams have to agree as well, which is apparently not sewn up yet.

USL players’ pay cut negotiations reveal a deeper, more dangerous rift – The Athletic

Covid-19 paycuts are also bleeding into the USL’s collective bargaining with its players; the league voluntarily recognized the union in 2018, but they do not yet have their first CBA. Both sides are lobbing proposals and counter-proposals, so this has the chance to get ugly fast.

Even when everything is shut down, players can find ways to break themselves.

The chickpeas are not okey.

That’s all I have today! What’s up?