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MLS and USL extend training moratoriums, D.C. United, Washington Spirit updates, and more: Freedom Kicks for 4/3/2020

We’re still talking about the idea of soccer rather than actual soccer

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Kelley Piper / Black and Red United

Good morning from my couch! Instead of finishing cleaning my coffee maker or getting a round of laundry into the dryer, I fell asleep there like a dummy, and now it’s 7am and this article needs writing. I wish I could blame this on adjusting to coronavirus, but this is something that happens to me even when society is functioning as it was back in February.

So that’s what’s going on with me. Hope you’re doing well! Let’s get to what’s going on in the world:

This is completely unsurprising: no training for MLS teams until at least April 25. Given that most teams have called for some kind of short training camp to get player fitness levels back to where they were before the shutdown, that would mean no games until mid-May.

0 to 99: Which DMV players wore their jersey number the best? | The Athletic
Multiple D.C. United players, and a former Washington Spirit player, made this list. We’re working on something similar, because Ben is crazy and was willing to comb through 25 years of media guide info.

Juan Foyth tells Tottenham to sign Lucas ‘Titi’ Rodriguez | The Boot Room

Q&A: Robbie Russell, MLS defender turned ER doctor | Washington Post
Former United defender Robbie Russell is now Dr. Robbie Russell, and here he talks about his path to medicine, and the specific role he has when he goes to work these days.

Need something to occupy your mind while stuck at home? The Spirit streamed a full hour chat with Andi Sullivan last night:

In the only competition we have to cover at the moment, Loudoun United rookie Brandon Williamson absolutely clobbered OKC Energy’s representative in the USL’s eCup tournament, which involves players from teams all over the USL Championship and League One playing Rocket League.

(note to my fellow olds: Rocket League is a video game featuring indestructible cars trying to guide a ball into a goal. It’s sort of like air hockey.)

Anyway, full credit to Williamson, here’s hoping he can bring home some silverware.

USL Announces Extension to Training Moratorium |
Staying in USL, they’ve announced a training moratorium that’s in line with the one MLS announced.

The push for a longer, fall-to-spring NCAA soccer schedule was supposed to be up for a vote very soon, but the NCAA is not going to convene the council because big gatherings are a pretty bad idea right now.

Coronavirus: Club Brugge crowned champions as Belgium cancels rest of season | ESPN FC
Belgium is the first European league to decide that the standings when play stopped are just going to be the standings, period. We’ll probably see this in a few more countries in the coming weeks.

The Fumble Files: The weird world of ‘CrunchBall 3000’ | SB Nation
Not gonna lie, I’ll probably be ready to try CrunchBall 3000 out in a few days.

Well, that’s what I’ve got for you today. Hope you enjoy your Friday!