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MLS adjusts to financial realities of coronavirus, Washington Spirit staying occupied, & more: Freedom Kicks for 4/10/2020

The only soccer post you’re going to read today that also talks about bears being in the movie Tron

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Kelley Piper / Black and Red United

Good, afternoon! Let’s start today’s belated post with something fun: one of my closest friends, in the process of trying to keep his kids entertained, played them some songs from Daft Punk’s soundtrack for toe movie Tron: Legacy. The kids wanted to know where the music was from, and before you know it questions like “does Tron have bears in it?” are being asked.

Maybe I’m going stir crazy, but the idea of Tron having bears amuses me to no end. Do they have Tron suits, or are they just regular bears? Are they allowed into the Game Grid?

Anyway here’s some soccer stuff:

How every MLS team is handling worker pay | The Athletic
I’m not particularly happy with D.C. United’s answer here, as their gameday staffers most likely need help right now rather than at some unknown future date, but the furloughed employees hopefully making more than they normally would is something.

Who are the top free-kick takers in MLS? These players are dead-ball specialists |
No one currently playing in MLS has more direct free kick goals than Federico Higuain, who we may one day see actually in uniform!

With Future Unclear, Washington Spirit Players Get Creative | Washington City Paper
Improvised workout equipment, TikTok, and planning some good causes are all part of the Washington Spirit’s plan to stay occupied as the NWSL season remains an unknown at this point.

7 reasons why the NWHL’s next expansion location should be Washington, D.C. | The Ice Garden
I’m not sure about these names, but I’m 100% on board for the overall idea.

Throwback Thursday: Checking in with Alecko Eskandarian | Streaking the Lawn
Alecko Eskandarian talks about his college experience, and his life since then.

The Bend it Like Beckham timeline of women’s soccer | All for XI
We don’t have real sports right now, so we need to get creative. This imagined career track for the characters from Bend It Like Beckham, complete with a shot from RFK, fits the bill.

Won and done: The San Francisco Deltas’ single, title-winning season of existence | The Athletic
This bizarre, only-in-NASL saga of the San Francisco Deltas — they arrived, won the league, and then folded almost immediately after the final — is an excellent read.

Can the U.S. return to sports soon? South Korea might offer clues | ESPN
I think the answer to this question is a pretty obvious “No!” but nonetheless it’s interesting to hear where another country is at using this angle.

Alright, I’m out of links. Have a good one folks! Avoid futuristic bears!