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Robbie Russell becomes a coronavirus hero, U.S. Soccer tones down lawsuit language, and more: Freedom Kicks for April 1, 2020

Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy!

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Houston Dynamo v DC United Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday folks, and welcome to April. March was undoubtedly the longest month in the history of mankind, checking in at 1,342,766 days. Today is April 1st, which is normally April Fools Day. However, while I recommend that you believe nothing you hear today, I also recommend that you not conduct any pranks or jokes today as well. We just don’t have the heart for it right now.

Okay, the news:

Robbie Russell, former MLS defender, describes his life as an ER intern in era of COVID-19 - MLS

Former D.C. United defender Robbie Russell retired a few years ago to go to medical school to become a doctor. Now, he’s one of our heroes on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak, detailing his life as an emergency room intern.

U.S. Soccer tones down language in new USWNT equal pay court filings - ESPNFC

U.S. Soccer officially backtracked on the language that it had in earlier equal pay lawsuit filings that suggested that women are inferior to men in soccer. They now retract that language in new filings posted yesterday.

The 2020 USL coaches survey: the best, worst of the American second division - The Athletic

The USL coaches break down their thoughts on USL teams and their fans, from best away match locations to best atmosphere.

Ex-Marseille president Pape Diouf dies from coronavirus - ESPNFC

Sad news from France as Pape Diouf is one of the many casualties from this COVID-19 outbreak.

The local legend Best XI: Players you can’t imagine in another jersey - MLS

Bill Hamid leads this list of players that would look funny in a jersey outside of their current MLS team. Yeah, we prefer him with that DCU badge on his chest as well!

Coronavirus: Belarus football carrying on ‘not comprehendible’ - BBC

Belarus doesn’t give a single solitary damn about this coronavirus, continuing its league while the rest of the sports world is completely shut down.

Checking in with D.C. United, our players are raising money for a local kitchen and would love fans to help:

Finally, congrats to my homie Aaron West and Yael Averbuch, who announced yesterday that they are expecting their first child in September:

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home.