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2020 Olympics postponed, UEFA European finals postponed, and more: Freedom Kicks for March 25, 2020

Next summer’s gonna be lit now.

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In this photo illustration the 2020 Tokyo Olympics logo seen... Photo by Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

It’s Wednesday folks. I hope you all are staying inside and keeping your social distance. While you’re bunkered up at home, here’s the news from yesterday:

2020 Olympics officially postponed - Stars & Stripes FC

The Olympics will be postponed until summer 2021 due to the coronavirus outbreak, leaving it to compete for dates with the Euros, Copa América, the Gold Cup, and the Club World Cup. This summer is going to be an empty one on the international front, but next summer is going to be wild.

Coronavirus: Uefa postpones European club finals - BBC

UEFA has postponed the Champions League final and the Europa League finals as well. They are unsure when they will be played this summer or how the format of the rest of the tournament will go.

Cindy Parlow Cone and new USSF CEO Will Wilson hope to resolve USWNT equal pay lawsuit before trial - Stars & Stripes FC

New United States Soccer Federation president Cindy Parlow Cone and new CEO Will Wilson, in a teleconference today, said that they hope to end the equal pay lawsuit quickly before it heads to trial. They have a lot of work to do, so let’s see if they can get it done.

Ex-USMNT great DaMarcus Beasley: FIFA doing nothing to stop racism - ESPNFC

DaMarcus Beasley feels that FIFA does nothing to stop racism, recalling some tales of when he experienced racism while in Europe. He’s right, and that needs to change.

An unofficial history of MLS in 25 scandals, pranks and improprieties - The Athletic

The wild stories of 25 years of MLS, from the pranks to the scandals. A great read.

A wild proposal for salvaging the NWSL season - All For XI

How should the NWSL conduct its season in light of the coronavirus hiatus? Here’s one proposal for doing it that goes well outside the box.

Wash your hands!