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D.C. United players old and new, NWSL postpones & more: Freedom Kicks for 3/23/20

Existentialism or other things in these soccer links

John Harkes United

Getting ready for that Shelter in Place, here it comes!

MLS pundits tell you their favorite MLS players of all-time (MLS): Lots of D.C. United players current and old here.

Speaking of an older D.C. United player, our thoughts are with John Harkes and his family:

Oh, and if you’re cooped up and have a console, D.C. has some content for you:

NWSL postpones 2020 season opener due to coronavirus (us): Farts. USL moved things back as well.

Two Americans celebrate Australian women’s soccer league championship (WaPo): And a Washington Spirit player mentioned too!

Finally, watching movies with a kid in the house is a challenge these days; you want him to watch so you can do stuff, but not so much that he’s drooling in front of the 4K (we took three days to watch Frozen II!), but I was able to see A Hidden Life last week and liked it a lot. It’s tangentially about the life of Franz Jagerstatter, but it’s a Terrence Malick movie, so expect a lot of gorgeous shots, usually done at the point before sunset where everything looks nice. Trailer: