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More Covid-19 news, Oniel Fisher’s comeback & more: Freedom Kicks for 3/16/20

Also take a lap today, just because.

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Steven Streff

And then, well, it was quiet. Look for the underworld creatures to take over the dystopian environment soon I guess, particularly as this thing goes on.

Sounders FC issues public information on first confirmed case of COVID-19 surrounding club (Sounders FC): The virus hits MLS.

NWSL lengthens suspension of training due to coronavirus, MLS reportedly to do the same (us): MLS in fact has done the same.

Meanwhile, D.C. United’s (really very good) piece on Oniel Fisher reached its conclusion:

Inside Video Review: Week 2 (PRO): From last week, a nice look behind the curtain at VAR from the D.C. United Inter Miami red card on Roman Torres.

Washington Spirit continue training camp despite coronavirus (WJLA): Richie Burke did a phone interview about how the Spirit is approaching this from Florida.

And he also intro’d a nice piece on Paige Nielsen:

We shouldn’t have been treated like guinea pigs over coronavirus... lives were at risk (The Times): New columnist(?!?!?) and former D.C. legend Wayne Rooney writes about the events, and obtained a turtleneck and beard dye apparently? Oh, and the English Leagues should adopt the MLS calendbahahahahahaha....

U.S. Soccer temporarily suspends 2020 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup due to Covid-19 Outbreak (US Soccer): A bummer, albeit a necessary one.

MLS teams considering possibility of providing financial aid to part-time workers (The Athletic, $): Let’s hope so!

How U.S. Soccer President’s Resignation Alters USWNT’s Equal Pay Case (SI): In the wake of No Mo Cordeiro, something to consider.

Luciano Acosta iría a prisión preventiva (Futbol Total): Apparently the accusations towards Lucho have evolved a little as ‘illegal deprivation of freedom’ emerges.

Tony Mowbray denies overseas interest in Blackburn Rovers defender (Lancs Live): Remember the Derrick Williams to D.C. rumor a billion years ago? This is from the Rovers Manager at that point.

Finally, since he’s the guy who made Covid real for a lot of folks apparently, here’s Tom Hanks’ last appearance on the David Letterman show. The REAL Letterman show, on NBC at 12:30am. Remains full of chuckles for me and while I can’t embed it for bad reasons, it’s worth the unembeddable 10-13 minutes of your time.