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NWSL lengthens suspension of training due to coronavirus, MLS reportedly to do the same

There’s no soccer for a longer period of time. Stay home.

Anya Button / Black and Red United

The National Women’s Soccer League has moved to further its precautions with regards to the coronavirus outbreak, extending an existing suspension of all training for another week. The NWSL had originally suspended training until tomorrow, March 16, but the moratorium now runs through next Sunday, March 22.

The move was initially reported by Jeff Rueter of The Athletic. The league had previously cancelled all preseason games. With the season opener scheduled for April 18, the stoppage of training activities will likely require changes to the regular season schedule as well, but as of now those moves have not been made yet.

Rueter has also reported that MLS will be making a similar move, extending their own ban on training to next Friday, March 20 (though allowing small groups of players to possibly begin training together sooner than that):

MLS won’t resume play for another 27 days, though at this point further suspensions of both games and training are both very much on the table.

The USL has not made an announcement just yet, but the league has suspended play for the same period of time as MLS has. We’ll update this post when the leagues make further announcements.

In the meantime, you can (if at all possible) stay home! Don’t go to bars! Make your food and drinks at home! Cancel your dates, clean your house, watch some movies, and most importantly, stay home unless your job requires you to go in, or you have a genuine emergency.