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D.C. United concessions, jerseys, and more: Freedom Kicks for 13 February 2019

Soccer, go!

MLS: FORWARD25 Tony Behar-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a dreary week so far, with rain, rain, and more rain just hanging over the city. Will we see the sun today? Nope! Doesn’t seem very likely, so let’s all take care of each other and make it through until we can turn our faces to the sun once again.

To the links!

This picture, of Yamil Asad in the black jerseys and red shorts, is awesome enough as is. However, there were images on D.C. United players in the black jerseys, red shorts, and black socks on their Instagram story! Give it to me right now!

Congrats to Dr. Pines! And if you’re wondering if that name sounds familiar and if you’re wondering why we’re talking about the president of the University of Maryland here, well it is because he is the father of defender Donovan Pines!

Backline Soccer Round Table on the NWSL

There’s a lot of excitement building around the Washington Spirit and the season that they could have.

D.C. United Announce New Concession Concepts for 2020 | D.C. United

I don’t know if I like the name Department of Steak, but all of these food options look pretty good.

Charlie Horton dismisses lawsuit against D.C. United, Fabian Espindola - The Washington Post

The end of a sad tale. I hope that Horton is able to be successful in his next endeavors in his career, whatever they may be.

Statement about the USWNT 2017-2021 CBA | US Soccer Players

This is a blistering indictment of US Soccer from the US men’s national team union, accusing them of bullying and misrepresentation of revenues all throughout their negotiations with the men’s and women’s national teams. It is also a little self-serving, as the US men are currently in negotiations with US Soccer for a new deal themselves.

As the Total Soccer Show says, things can be two things!

Children’s Mercy Hospital set to lose funding in proposed KCMO budget

I can’t imagine the optics of taking away money from a children’s hospital is a good look, but the article speculates it is the same amount that Children’s Mercy pays for naming rights for SKC’s stadium.

That’s all I’ve got today, what’s up?