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Fantasy Focus: The Curtain Falls

Who’s the big winner?

Montreal Impact v DC United Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The strangest MLS regular season is over, and we have a winner. Before we get to that, ST JOHN deserves recognition as the leader of the final round, scoring 102 points.

Going into the final round, Not Bennyball but Bengenpress had a significant gap to make up in the quest for the crown, and they put up a respectable 99 points, which was tied for the second overall highest score for the round.

Ultimately it was not enough, as BL4CKnRED put up a score of 85 points.

This did result in the final margin of victory being shrunk to 24 points, but a score that high was going to be difficult for Bengenpress to top by the required margin.

The top two were comfortably clear of the rest of the pack by the end, though an honorable mention goes to Greenville FC, who finished third and 90 points behind our winner.

So that’s the end of the season. I hope you enjoyed playing this year, and if you needed an escape from reality here and there, the league and this space was able to provide it.