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D.C. United kit revealed, Edison Flores & Julian Gressel news, & more: Freedom Kicks for 1/24/2020

The news is mostly good today!

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MLS: Atlanta United FC at D.C. United Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Freedom Kicks is late today because around 11pm, my body said “GO TO SLEEP” and I said “you’re the boss!” So, I’m just getting started now, but we have a lot of D.C. United and Washington Spirit content to get through.

Revealed: D.C. United’s 2020 home shirt and plans for 2021 designs | The Athletic
If you want to know what United’s 2020 jersey looks like, and you know you do, this is your first stop of the day.

Personally, I think the 2020 home looks great. I want nothing to do with the white/”marble” (I see you gray, you can’t trick me) mock-up in here, and the Cat in the Hat design is one best left in the past rather than brought back to life.

D.C. United’s Edison Flores at Forefront of MLS’s Growing Peruvian Presence | Sports Illustrated
Gonna keep saying it: Edison Flores is going to be a big friggin’ deal.

Edison Flores Signing Recap |
This photo gallery is a decent approximation of what your first day is like as a player coming from abroad to sign with United: physical exam, pollo a la brasa, sign your contract, take a photo holding up your new shirt, do some press.

If D.C. United ever signs any of you out there, make sure you demand your pollo a la brasa trip. The deal isn’t official unless you get some aji verde in your belly.

Atlanta United trades Julian Gressel to DC United: MLS technical staffers break it down |
Seems like other decision-makers around the league are agreeing with Dave Kasper on this one.

How the Julian Gressel trade helps illustrate what MLS players want in a new CBA | The Athletic
The CBA came up a few times yesterday when DCU’s media contingent got their chance to talk to Julian Gressel, and he had some insight into the player’s side of a situation where MLS teams can secure your rights within the league forever.

What Julian Gressel’s acquisition means for DC United |
Just a quick example from a data perspective: since 2017, no one in MLS has created more of what Opta defines as “big chances” than Gressel.

Why Atlanta United fans loved Julian Gressel |
The guy that captured Atlanta’s hearts is the guy that is joint-top of that list of big chance creators, and he’s the guy that United just brought in. It’s good! This is good.

Youth Soccer Pathways to College and Pro with Santino Quaranta | Soccerwire
Ex-United attacker Santino Quaranta looks back on his experiences as a young pro, and talks about his role with Pipeline SC.

Also, if you want to feel old, his daughter is probably going to be playing college soccer next year. Time flies y’all.

Catch The Spirit with Richie Burke | Catch The Spirit podcast
Richie Burke told media at the draft that trading Mallory Pugh away was “the hardest thing” he’s had to do as coach of the Washington Spirit. Here’s more on that choice.

Ready for some bad news?

CONCACAF’s bungling never ends. Look for an announcement the day before the first game, or some such nonsense.

‘It’s just a grind’: Memories of living on sub-$13,000 salaries linger amid push for higher MLS minimums | The Athletic
Some of MLS’s most accomplished players started out on deals that paid them less than $400 a week, needing family members to buy them food.

Behind the deal: How the Los Angeles Galaxy signed Chicharito | The Athletic
This is really an excellent piece of reporting, even though it is wrong about who has the most titles in MLS. It ain’t the Galaxy.

But still, put your “D.C. has won 13 trophies!!!!!1!” aside for a second and read the story.

Notes from the 2020 United Soccer Coaches Convention | US Soccer Players
If you didn’t make it up to Baltimore last week for the convention, here’s a summary of what you missed by not wandering the Baltimore Convention Center.

Alright, that’s it. Life advice: Don’t forget to stretch!