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NWSL Draft, Washington Spirit, and more: Freedom Kicks for 16 January 2020

Soccer, go!

Costa Rica v United States Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

What do you get when your 3-year old is coughing a bunch during the time that you were supposed to write Freedom Kicks? A late Freedom Kicks! (She is perfectly fine, by the way). Here, have some links!

The NWSL Draft is today, and our own Jason Anderson and Lizzy Becherano are there! Give them a follow for all of today’s draft action.

Always glad to see the USWNT come to town; this time it will hopefully be a part of a victory tour after this summer’s Olympics.

New jerseys are coming soon, and at least in this picture I don’t see any horizontal stripes.

This is definitely content I like seeing out of the club.

That’s all I’ve got, go follow Jason and Lizzy and the NWSL Draft, and go!