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D.C. United’s updated salary list shows Ola Kamara as a steal

Also Wayne Rooney still makes a lot of money!

MLS: New York Red Bulls at D.C. United Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

The MLS Players Association released the latest salary update yesterday, as of September 13th. The PA noted that deals affecting 2020 salary will not be reflected in this list, so which means obviously, Yamil Asad is not on this list. While the list is largely unchanged (though players making the minimum salary got a 4 cent bump up!), for the new signings, salaries are likely prorated, meaning that Ola Kamara’s $240,000 base salary is likely just over the $500,000 over a full season (that was speculated) when he was signed, with TAM being used as part of the acquisition. Given that Kamara made $825,000 base/$925,000 guaranteed with the LA Galaxy before transferring to China, this would seem like a bit of a bargain.

To reiterate something from June’s post from the first release, the list does not include salary burdens carried; Dave Kasper has publicly said that Felipe Martins’ budget hit is for the minimum, and D.C. assumes the full one next year (which will be higher than what you see now), so sticker shock should be kept in slight check. Also, base salary is what is counted towards the salary budget, and teams release amounts of allocation money used on transactions, but are not obligated to disclose how much they have in the bank, so while this is fun, there is still some opacity to it.

Also as mentioned from June, players that count towards the cap are italicized, and TAM/dTAM/DP players are in bold. Thoughts on the new numbers?

2019 D.C. United salaries

Last Name First Name Base Guaranteed
Last Name First Name Base Guaranteed
Acosta Luciano $600,000 $702,000
Amarikwa Quincy $70,250.04 $70,250.04
Arriola Paul $675,000 $707,000
Birnbaum Steve $525,000 $550,000
Boateng Emmanuel $185.000.04 $185.000.04
Brillant Frederic $264,999.96 $299.999.96
Bustamante Antonio $70,250.04 $74,484.83
Canouse Russell $247,500 $247,500
Durkin Chris $95,000.04 $104,375.04
Edwards Earl $70,250.04 $73,583.37
Fisher Oniel $70,250.04 $74,916.71
Hamid Bill $461,820 $487,495
Jara Leonardo $500,000.04 $560,000.04
Kamara Ola $240,000 $260,000
Martins Felipe $500,000.04 $560,000.04
Mora Joseph $150,000 $164,250
Moreno Junior $140,000.04 $159,500.04
Odoi-Atsem Chris $56,250 $56,250
Pedroso Marquinhos $375,000 $375,000
Pines Donovan $90,000 $102,000
Robinson Jalen $80,004 $80,004
Rodriguez Lucas $261,999.96 $298,549.86
Rooney Wayne $3,500,000.04 $3,507,500.04
Segura Ulises $169,999.92 $184,249.92
Seitz Chris $165,000 $165,000
Wild Gordon $99,999.96 $129,999.96
Yow Griffin $70,250.04 $76,368.37