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Moses Nyeman to sign with D.C. United, MLS meets with supporters over Iron Front, and more: Freedom Kicks for 9/20/2019

Good and bad news on the DCU youth front, and a new NWSL rivalry

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Courtesy Loudoun United FC

Running a little late this morning because I had one too many beers last night. It’s not so much that I got drunk off of two beers, but rather that I got tired off of two beers. The aging process continues!

If it happened as soccer grew in the U.S., Tony Quinn likely photographed it | The Athletic
Let’s start today with someone who has been a major part of any DMV fan’s soccer experience. Tony Quinn’s photos have been an essential part of the landscape around here forever. I think the Hall of Fame has done a bad job acknowledging important figures in the sport (Marco Etcheverry and Jaime Moreno are not in, which is a travesty), but they got this one right.

Orange County SC signs U.S. U17 international Bryang Kayo |
I don’t know enough about the internal workings of this situation to know how likely D.C. United ever was of landing Kayo, or whether this was a fight they could win. What I do know is that losing out on a prospect of Kayo’s quality, regardless of the reason, is bad news!

D.C. United to sign Moses Nyeman to homegrown contract | Washington Post
And now, here’s your good news! If you’ve been watching Loudoun, you’ve seen Ryan Martin giving Nyeman a ton of responsibility in the midfield, and you’ve seen the 15-year-old midfielder solve problems faster than fully-seasoned veteran pros on a regular basis.

Wiebe: My Top 5 MLS players who should be in the US Soccer Hall of Fame |
Doesn’t include Etcheverry, but Moreno is at the top of the list. It’s a start.

Postgame Pontifications: Struggles where they ought not be | Sounder at Heart
Here’s a look at what the Seattle Sounders are trying to sort out after an unsatisfactory 0-0 draw on Wednesday night.

South Side Trap Ep. 54: Everything Is Awesome! | Hot Time in Old Town
The Washington Spirit probably need to go to Chicago and beat the Red Stars tomorrow night. Given that they’ve won three straight and that the title of this episode is not ironic, that’s gonna be tough.

N.C. Courage’s Merritt Mathias says she’s out for the season with ACL injury | Pro Soccer USA
The major NWSL talking point right now comes after a fractious mid-week game ended with North Carolina Courage right back Merritt Mathias suffering a knee injury. Yesterday, she tweeted in no uncertain terms that her ACL is torn, and that she blames Houston Dash forward Rachel Daly for it.

What we know about the U.S. women’s national team’s fight for equal pay | The Athletic
A refresher course on everything that’s gone on in the USWNT’s equal pay suit up until now.

MLS, fans in ‘productive’ talks over political signs | ESPN
Imagine if the league had the foresight to have talks like these with supporters before opting to combine vague, open-ended regulations with a heavy-handed approach!

That said, it sounds like they also showed up unprepared for this meeting in some ways, so don’t get your hopes up for an ideal resolution.

Leagues Cup triumph huge for Cruz Azul, but tournament still a work in progress | ESPN
Despite a slapdash organizing process and distinct disinterest from its MLS participants, the Leagues Cup isn’t going away. With expansion to 16 teams next year, and United possibly ending up in the top 4 in the East (I’ll have more for you later today on that topic), don’t be surprised if we’re having to decide whether to give a damn about this dubious attempt to get MLS and Liga MX together.

Brent Kallman suspended for violating MLS Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Policy | E Pluribus Loonum
That’s two PED suspensions in MLS in about a month, which feels wild.

Major League Soccer expansion: Sacramento on verge of being awarded franchise for 2022 | CBS Sports
Depending on who you ask, it’s either “DONE DEAL!!!!” or “talks are advanced, but not concluded.”

David Silva: Man City star set to join David Beckham’s Inter Miami in Major League Soccer | The Independent
This could be huge news! But, here’s a good lesson on transfer rumors: when you don’t see any actual quotes from any side of the talks, and no form of the word “source” appears anywhere in the piece...stay suspicious.

That’s all I’ve got. Enjoy another gorgeous early autumn day during this, the one part of the year where our weather is generally agreeable!