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D.C. United vs. LA Galaxy, Segra Field opens, Deadline Day, and more: Freedom Kicks for 8/9/2019

3 days, 3 home games. It’s the DC Soccerpocalypse

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Xavier Dussaq/Courtesy of Loudoun United

This weekend is the peak of the DC soccer schedule. We start this evening with Loudoun United opening Segra Field, which is a big deal. Then, tomorrow, the Washington Spirit have a vital home game in their pursuit of an NWSL playoff spot as they take on the Chicago Red Stars. Finally, Sunday, D.C. United faces the LA Galaxy badly needing to arrest their slide down the standings in their first game since Wayne Rooney announced that he’s leaving this winter.

It’s a lot! I’m going to all three games (plus a DCU training session on Saturday to boot) so I will probably be mush by the time Sunday comes.

D.C. United GM on the transfer window, Wayne Rooney, Mesut Özil and more | Washington Post
Some interesting notes in here from Dave Kasper about Jose Francisco Torres, Danny Williams, and Yamil Asad.

DC United GM: Deadline moves give flexibility for possible Acosta departure |
And in this different interview with Kasper, the prospect of selling Luciano Acosta (there are still open windows elsewhere) and retaining Bill Hamid get some attention.

Personally, I’m relieved to be able to share these while also knowing that our own interview with Kasper addresses a lot of stuff that isn’t covered here. Read them all IMO.

Personally like this interview the team did with Ola Kamara while riding the Metro. I have questions, though: How did they get an empty car to do it in? Can I get an empty car?

So Kamara’s arrival is good news...but why not have some more good news? Maybe, I don’t know, circumstantial evidence that Oniel Fisher is getting closer to his return?

We’ve talked a lot about adding speed for United, and Fisher’s return to the field would certainly add that. And, now that there’s the option of building him up at Loudoun exists, it’s not just a theoretical that he might be able to contribute. Hopefully we’ll find out more at training tomorrow.

Sheffield United’s “Route One” style? Danny Mills, and lazy pundits preventing viewers understanding football better | FourFourTwo
A reminder that as long as Wayne Rooney is still here, we’re going to hear bad D.C. United takes from English pundits.

With Rooney leaving, D.C. United squad focus on making the most of 2019 | The Athletic
There’s a quote in here from Paul Arriola that I really felt. This Sunday’s game feels...portentous?

World Cup winners, a world-class striker and stars of the future: A guide to D.C.’s pro soccer teams | Washington Post
Look, if you’re on this website, you know all this already. But it’s still pretty cool that non-soccer portions of the Post are talking about the local sides.

LA Galaxy sign Cristian Pavón from Boca Juniors | LAG Confidential
The Galaxy have added a player widely valued at somewhere above $15 million...for TAM? Basically, LA has come up with a convoluted deal structure to dodge MLS rules, and the league could have turned them down for violating the spirit of those rules, but the league never does turn the Galaxy down, so here we are.

Honestly, I used to get mad about this stuff, but at this point I feel like I want United to start competing in that specific manner rather than being complaining about the spirit of the rules. We’re here to win, MLS rules aren’t inherently moral (in some cases, they are outright bad!) let’s get ourselves onto a level playing field, right?

Armchair Analyst: All 24 MLS teams ranked by tier – revisited |
I can’t really disagree with Matt Doyle’s placement of United here. They should be better than they are, but at some point you are the team the standings say you are.

How DC Washington became the voice of Washington sports | WTOP
It feels like it’s been too long since DC Washington sang the anthem before a United game...and it feels like it’s been too long since United played well. Hmmmmm.

What should NWSL look for in expansion? | All for XI
Some smart thoughts about what a good NWSL expansion team would offer beyond “has enough money.”

RSL owner Dell Loy Hansen considering firing coach Mike Petke | RSL Soapbox
Pretty good scoop here from our friends at RSL Soapbox, and a pretty unexpected level of openness from Real Salt Lake owner Dell Loy Hansen. Personally, I’m not sure how they could possibly continue with Mike Petke given what he said, and the duration of this bout of slurs and abuse towards a referee. They’ll have to make their choice pretty soon, as his two-week suspension from all team activities is almost over.

What happened during the 2019-20 Premier League season, according to a rift in the space-time continuum | SB Nation
Here for Brendan Rogers escaping from prison.

Summarizing Tottenham Hotspur’s summer 2019 transfer window | Cartilage Free Captain
Speaking of the Premier League, we had a rare day where it felt like you couldn’t swing a stick without hitting someone that was talking about Tottenham Hotspur. Then again, it may be that I’ve muted enough Arsenal-related terms just to keep my Twitter timeline legible that my bubble has shifted.

I think that’s it! See you folks either in the stands or on the road to our various stadiums.