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USMNT at Audi Field, trial date for USWNT, and more: Freedom Kicks for 8/20/19

Did. I. Stutter.

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Gooooood morning, folks! This is a somewhat abbreviated Freedom Kicks for you today because I spent yesterday test driving cars and celebrating my mom + niece’s birthdays.

Let’s go!

USMNT to begin CONCACAF Nations League play at Audi Field | SB Nation

Against Cuba. I’m already ready to complain about ticket prices but probably grumble grumble my way to still attending!

Judge Sets Trial Date for USWNT’s Gender Discrimination Lawsuit | Sports Illustrated

OK yeah so they’ll probably settle but I’m getting my popcorn ready just in case.

But the “deep pool” does not (currently) include Belgium, who would like FIFA to cool their jets on claiming that. Also, it’s weird that we haven’t figured out the 2023 hosts yet when we have men’s World Cups decided for the next billion years.

Ranking MLS’s greatest pop-culture cameos, from ‘90210’ to ‘She’s All That’ | The Athletic

There may be a firewall to access this list, but there’s no firewall to enjoy the screenshot from cinematic classic She’s the Man.

Frank De Boer’s Media Gaffes Show Why Foreign MLS Players Lean On Translators | Forbes

I admire anyone who chooses to do an interview in their non-native language, because that shit is hard. But, yeah, sometimes it goes south a bit and lost in translation is a real thing.

That’s it for now, everybody. Oh, except one more thing. THIS: