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Markgraf and Stewart hired, Petke fired, and more: Freedom Kicks for 8/13/19

Plus: An NWSL attendance record.

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Goooood morning, good morning, folks. Anyone in the market for a car? I’m finally getting ready to replace mine. And let me tell you, you won’t want to pass this up. This car:

  • is beige
  • has a broken antenna
  • but has a radio that mostly still works
  • has a broken tape deck
  • but has functioning a/c
  • sports an array of scratches on the outside
  • but is pretty roomy on the inside

Plus, having come on the scene back in ‘96, it is basically vintage. Don’t everyone jump in with their offers at once.

ANYWAY, yes, this is your Freedom Kicks, not my love letter to my car. We’ll revisit the love letter when I actually have a new car. In the meantime, we’ll talk about the soccer.

Kate Markgraf ready to take next steps as USWNT GM | Stars and Stripes FC

Two big announcements from US Soccer today, starting with Kate Markgraf as the new (and first) USWNT general manager. Here’s a recap of what she discussed on today’s USSF conference call.

U.S. Soccer names Earnie Stewart as the first Sporting Director | Stars and Stripes

Second big announcement was Earnie Stewart as the first sporting director. TBD on who replaces him as USMNT GM.

Why Real Salt Lake fired Mike Petke, and what comes next | RSL Soapbox

This is a good summary of this whole...situation. Adios, Petke.

VAR is already faltering in the Premier League, which raises one big question | Yahoo! Sports

The question is whether fairer sport is better sport. I don’t think we’ll ever stop debating this, to be honest.

The NWSL’s new attendance record is notable for how it wasn’t accomplished | The Athletic


Adieu, Adu! Jacobs youngest to sign U.S. deal | ESPN

Obligatory Freddy Adu mention!!!

Y’all, just buy a 1996 Toyota Camry. “Authentic nostalgia” wherever you go.

Annnnd that’s it for now, friends. Have a lovely day!