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D.C. soccer recaps galore: Freedom Kicks for 9/12/19

Quickie but hopefully all-encompassing.

MLS: LA Galaxy at D.C. United Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was wacky. Why they play the games I guess!

Recaps of D.C. United’s 2-1 win over the LA Galaxy by us, WaPo, Flo and MLS. LAG Confidential with the other side of things. Feel free to drop any other gamers in as you see fit, it’s late.

Harkes: Rooney’s coaching skills evident from day one at DC (Sportstar): Derby County and DC alum John Harkes shares his thoughts on Ian Harkes, Wayne Rooney and Wazza’s future job.

Loudoun battle to 3-3 draw with Charlotte (us): They have games midweek and then Saturday, but for now Loudoun’s opener at Segra can only be viewed as positive.

Pitt soccer alums Robby Dambrot, Shane Wiedt sign with Loudoun United (Cardiac Hill): Meanwhile, they got bigger in back.

Spirit can’t solve Chicago Red Stars in 1-0 defeat (us): The Washington Spirit continue to reel a bit. Hot Time in Old Town covers the Chicago end of it.

Anyway, I think that’s it for me for now, I have a sick toddler to look after. Oh wait...

Shout out to Jason who quietly went to the Loudoun, Spirit and D.C. games in consecutive nights, all of which were at or almost at venue capacity. If there was pro soccer in the DMV, he saw all of it, and I don’t think many could say that this weekend. Kudos to the boss.