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The USWNT are still World Cup champs, and more: Freedom Kicks for 7/9/19

just reminding you in case you forgot

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G’morning! Let us start this day with a grammar lesson. It goes like this: Sometimes, I swear to god, you are supposed to use “me.” It’s an object. Use it after prepositions and verbs. Please. Please just stop saying “between you and I.”

Look, I’m like 90% for descriptivism vs. prescriptivism but that 10% of me just needs everyone to realize they’re allowed to say “me” and I’m sorry if you were scared out of ever saying it because of some elementary school grammar teacher.

And also for the record singular “they” is perfectly acceptable and useful.

9 moments that defined the USWNT World Cup run | SB Nation

I just thought we should all have something nice this morning.

USWNT will celebrate and be celebrated — and then it’s back to work | The Washington Post

I really really want them to come here just so they can extra purposefully not go to the White House.

How to follow your USWNT favorites in NWSL | SB Nation

Important! Tell your friends!

For USWNT to stay atop women’s soccer, here’s what must happen | Yahoo! Sports


pay them

World Cup Champion USWNT Was Unflappable, Unapologetic, Unequaled | Sports Illustrated

I LOVE THE USWNT. Sorry, just needed to say that.

Despite Glaring Needs, Runner-Up Finish, USMNT Sees Foundation Built in Gold Cup | Sports Illustrated

Can y’all imagine if we fail to qualify again for the World Cup? I just shivered at the thought.

Sources: Josh Wolff expected to become Austin FC’s inaugural head coach | The Athletic

Until this very moment I had half forgotten about Austin FC.

Nine top MLS transfer targets coming out of 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup | MLS

Okey dokes!

Annnnd I’m out. Remember to use “me” when it’s the object in a sentence THX!