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It’s Equal Pay Tuesday (and more): Freedom Kicks for 7/30/19

say it louder for the people in the back

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You guys, this weekend I watched a documentary on Netflix called Behind the Curve. It’s about flat Earthers. It blew my mind just how committed some people are to the idea that the flat..................

Anyway, I’m still thinking about it. Because...what.

Moving on to things that didn’t quite blow my mind but are nonetheless worth a look.

U.S. Soccer breaks post-World Cup silence on equal pay, but issues persist | Yahoo! Sports

Ooooh boy.

US Soccer’s claims about paying the women more than the men lack context | Stars and Stripes FC

Context! It’s important.

Reasons Why USWNT, U.S. Soccer Oppose Hope Solo’s Presence at Their Mediation | Sports Illustrated

“Thanks but no thanks” sounds about right when it comes to Hope Solo tbh.

In the glow of a World Cup win, the sponsorship landscape for U.S. women’s soccer is more important than ever | The Athletic

Behind the paywall, but someone go forth and read it for me!

How Orlando City became entrenched in the fabric of Central Florida | MLS

OK but we all know Orlando is only good for Disney World BYE

The rise and tragic fall of Arild Berg, Norway’s lost footballing soul | The Guardian

I didn’t know anything about Arild Berg, so if you’re like me you should give this a quick read.

You know what, that’s all I got today. I’m off to keep pondering flat Earthers.