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USWNT vs. England, China wants Jozy, and more: Freedom Kicks for 7/2/19

Happy World Cup semifinal day!!!!!

I had a moment of panic yesterday when I was looking at my calendar and thought I had a meeting today at 3 p.m. (that I have to participate in). But never fear, that meeting is on Wednesday. PHEW.

Let’s do this, people!!!!

USA vs. England: 2019 Women’s World Cup: What to watch for | Stars and Stripes FC

Key question Donald raises: What will Megan Rapinoe do for an encoure? I assume score five goals and then announce her candidacy for president.

Best Moments of the 2019 Women’s World Cup Quarterfinals | Stars and Stripes FC

If you’ve got some time today before the game, take a trip back to last week and the quarterfinals. It’s fun!

I don’t have a NYT account so idk what this says lol sorry you guys I know I do this literally every week.

Heh, see above. SORRY.

Ken Early: USA-England promises plenty for genuine football fans | The Irish Times

well yeah duh

United States v. Curaçao, 2019 Gold Cup: What we Learned | Stars and Stripes FC

I didn’t watch this game and I feel good about that decision. Next up: Jamaica tomorrow.

USMNT probably feels less encouraged than Curacao, and that’s the point of the Gold Cup now | Yahoo! Sports

More power to you, Curaçao. The better the competition in CONCACAF, the more the U.S. can grow and improve, too.

Report: Chinese club make $10m bid for Toronto FC star Jozy Altidore | MLS

OK then.

I’m out! See you on the other side of the World Cup.