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Women’s World Cup, Omar Gonzalez to Toronto, and more: Freedom Kicks for 6/4/19

It’s almost World Cup time!!

Holy crap, it’s June, guys. How did this happen? Good news, though: it’s almost time for the Women’s World Cup! Yassssss

There’s plenty of that and more today, so let’s dive in.

2019 women’s World Cup teams, ranked by how much fun they are to watch | SB Nation

Get excited, people!!

The problems that may stop the US retaining the Women’s World Cup | The Guardian

This is from last week but I missed it, so now it is here in case you also missed it.

Double-earners: The U.S. women’s soccer team is fighting for greater equity while playing for a fourth World Cup title. | The Washington Post

“I have to do everything I have to do on the field. Then, I have to do everything else to prove to you that that’s enough.” PREACH, PINOE.

Australia Players Union Writes to FIFA Over ‘Discrimination’ in WWC Prize Money | Sports Illustrated

Sadly, FIFA gonna FIFA.

Liga MX to MLS: Omar Gonzalez joining Toronto FC | Stars and Stripes FC

OK, I guess.

Under the radar: Simone Charley and the NWSL’s little-known training players | The Equalizer

“Charley studied psychology and sociology at Vanderbilt, and has a master’s degree in medicine, health, and society.” And she’s hustling to play professional soccer. Meanwhile I am over here doing nothing.

The Twin Cities have a beautiful new soccer stadium. Why doesn’t Boston? | The Boston Globe

I hope the Revs do get a real downtown stadium one day. But I hope they keep that 90s-tastic crest forever and ever, amen.

Frank de Boer is (largely) unchanged | Yahoo! Sports

“There isn’t that much club history,” he says. “So there’s no former chairman taking shots in the press. You don’t have to deal with that stuff. You can focus much more on the football here.” — The soccer culture here is obviously, definitely different than other countries, so it’s interesting to think about this affects coaches and how they do their jobs

That’s all from me, folks. Have a great day, and hit the comments!