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More USWNT, D.C. United’s next Open Cup match, and more: Freedom Kicks for 6/18/19

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Look, we’re still all about the World Cup over here.

Hello hello! We’re not dawdling this morning so let’s get into these Freedom Kicks.

Introducing the MLS roster construction rankings: How effectively all 24 teams have used their salary budget | The Athletic

Behind the paywall, but word on the street is that D.C. United are fifth on this list.

French Baguettes: The Paris takeover | Stars and Stripes FC


‘I have goosebumps right now’: 31-year-old Jessica McDonald describes making her World Cup debut | SB Nation

OK, so McDonald is 31 and I just turned 29 so my understanding here is that I have two years to get up to USWNT-quality and be on the squad for 2023. EASY.

Jill Ellis gambled vs. Chile, and time will tell if it pays off for the USWNT | Yahoo! Sports

It will pay off because we’re gonna win the World Cup!!

Alex Ring, Ben Sweat both available for selection against D.C. United | Hudson River Blue

I can’t make Wednesday’s game because I’m seeing The National in concert (yes I’m bragging), but I love the Open Cup and I h8 NYCFC. So who cares how many players they have available, let’s beat ‘em.

Vivianne Miedema, you’re terrible | All for XI

Get it, because she’s the opposite of terrible. She’s 22 and already the Netherlands’ top all-time scorer.

Annnnd I’m out! Have a good one, folks.