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Just a lot of Women’s World Cup, including USA vs. Thailand: Freedom Kicks for 6/11/19

The World Cup is here!!!!

Sorry, yes, I know you know this. But I’m just so darn excited and we haven’t spoken since the tournament started.

And!! The USWNT play today!!!

Let’s get to your Freedom Kicks!

USA v. Thailand: What to Watch For | Stars and Stripes FC

Watch for GOALS, amirite

By the way, if you want the skinny on the teams in the USWNT’s group, our own Monsieur Blasian has got you covered. Check out Thailand, Chile, and Sweden.

USA v. Venezuela, 2019 friendly: What we learned | Stars and Stripes FC

Pretty unfortunate for the USMNT to play a game while the USWNT are in a tournament tbh. THANK U, NEXT.

(You know I love the USMNT but omg they make it so hard.)

2019 MLS Ambition Rankings: Who Is Keeping Up in League’s Arms Race? | Sports Illustrated

D.C. United moved from 11th place up to 8th. Take that as you will.

Brazilian women’s soccer shouldn’t also have to fight misogyny | SB Nation

Y’all, please note: “Women’s professional soccer players in Brazil still don’t earn a living wage. Top players for the men’s league can make upwards of $125,000 per month, while women have yet to surpass $500.”

VAR doesn’t understand soccer’s unwritten rules | SB Nation

Remember how there were a ton of penalties at last summer’s World Cup? Samesies this summer.

Christine Sinclair is the World Cup’s quietest megastar | SB Nation


How personal turmoil helped Abby Wambach find her voice in retirement | Yahoo! Sports

Speaking of megastars, let’s check in on Abby Wambach.

All right, that’s the end of your mainly-a-World-Cup-appreciation-post Freedom Kicks. To the comments!