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D.C. United wins, Spirit/Loudoun draw & more: Freedom Kicks for 5/6/19

Also, the best play about a space alien you’ve ever seen!

Well that was something. Kudos to the co-leaders in the East.

Recaps of D.C. United’s 3-1 win over the Columbus Crew SC from us, WaPo, Flo and MLS. Massive Report has your other side of things.

Bledsoe stars as Spirit, Reign battle to 0-0 draw (us): You may have missed it Saturday but this scoreless draw was pretty good. Sounder at Heart has the visitors’ take.

Loudoun scores in extra time to level six-goal thriller (us): Note to anyone watching Loudoun United games in the future: watch them all the way through. More from the USL.

Moment a drunk Wayne Rooney triggers an airport alarm by stumbling through a secure door he thought was a lift (Daily Mail): If you wanted to see video and another pic of Wazza at Dulles a couple months back, you’re in luck, thanks UK press!

Comparing MLS player salaries to Leagues Around the World (Analysis Evolved): AKA, CBA talk!

So, a New Jersey high school did a play of the movie Alien. Yes, THAT one, with a xenomorph. So recently Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) came by to see a show. The first clip is looking at the show, the second is the visit:

So go tell your kid to write a high school version of Natural Born Killers or something.