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Concussions are bad, Megan Rapinoe is good, and more: Freedom Kicks for 5/14/19

And UEFA says: None for you, Man City.

Greetings, friendos! I am very confused by this May weather. Like I’m sitting on my couch right now and I’m...chilly?

So it is, I suppose. Let’s get into the soccer while we continue to contemplate weather patterns.

Three Things We Learned from D.C. United’s rain-soaked 1-0 win over Sporting Kansas City | B&RU

Adam walks you through what to take away after Sunday’s (cold!) game.

Major League Soccer launches channel on Pluto TV | MLS

I mean, it’s free. Free is cool.

4 takeaways from USA vs South Africa: Let Ertz be Ertz? | Stars and Stripes FC

Yoooo who else is getting excited for the Women’s World Cup?

Megan Rapinoe is a ‘walking protest’ | Yahoo! Sports

YEAH GIRL. This is a great profile of Megan Rapinoe. Read it!

Oh, this is juicy and dramatic and you know I am here for it.

Has the USL found the way forward in soccer’s concussion problem? | ESPN

They’re suggesting a rule change: “If a player on a team suffers a head injury during a match, the team can use a temporary substitute to take his or her place.” There’s a bit more to it, but that’s the gist. Kudos to the USL for this, honestly—head injuries are no joke and you cannot be too careful. Soccer is just a game, and rules are just rules; we can change them. Why not?

I’m outtie, folks. Have a fabulous day, and go nuts in the comments!