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D.C. loses, Man U courts Lucho & more: Freedom Kicks for 4/8/19

And new Marvin Gaye. No, really!

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Well that wasn’t fun at all!

Recaps of D.C. United’s 4-0 loss to LAFC from us, WaPo, Flo (with more from them here) and MLS. Angels on Parade covers it from the 3252 side.

With one tweet to his 17 million followers, Wayne Rooney does lovely thing for MLS teammate (For the Win): Look at Wayne Rooney getting involved in #brand #visibility.

Manchester United scouting D.C. United’s Acosta (Athletic, $): So apparently they were in town Saturday. I don’t have much to add, other than the story I have, which is when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over as interim manager, he apparently gave his old pal and former teammate (Rooney) a call to kick the tires. This was before the PSG rumor broke, so the news of the interest (and D.C.’s awareness of same) has been there for a couple of months at least.

Spirit close out preseason with 1-0 win over Virginia Tech Hokies (Us): Jason made the drives from home, to Audi, to the Plex, and lived to tell the tale. Speaking of WoSo for a sec, this is a cool pic of the current United States women’s team and the 99s:

The Definitive Angle (PRO): This gets into some detail about the foul that led to D.C. United’s game-winner over Orlando City last Sunday, and the subsequent VAR. Definitely recommend and throw into their fanbase.

U.S Soccer and ESPN+ reach Multi-Year agreement to Broadcast U.S. Open Cup (US Soccer): Finally, semi-reliable streams for Denver Bucks SC versus Real Boise can be viewed nationally! But seriously this is a good thing.

How Do You Follow A Masterpiece? Marvin Gaye Tried With ‘You’re The Man’ (NPR): 35 years after his tragic murder, a newly discovered album of Marvin’s work after “What’s Going On” made its way out into the consciousness. Definite recommendation on your Monday morning.