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Champions League semifinals, D.C. United rumors, & more: Freedom Kicks for 4/30/19

Also, Twitter.

Morning! I am headed off to Austin today for work, the city that is not the new home of the Columbus Crew. I’m glad I can say that.

I’ve got a lot to get done before my flight, so let’s get right to the soccer!

Ashley Williams to D.C. United is the type of rumor fans will have to get used to | B&RU

Ryan is here to remind you to keep calm and carry on amid rumor after rumor.

MLS, Twitter extend content agreement through 2022 season | MLS

I still can’t watch a DCU away game to save my life though.

How LGBTQ Fans Are Making Space In American Soccer | Howler

Great article about queer fan groups. There’s still room for improvement when it comes to inclusion in sports, obviously, but I love what fans are doing here.

Ajax’s return to the Champions League semi was two decades in the making | Yahoo! Sports

Ajax and Tottenham are on deck with their Champions League semifinal today.

Football’s new age neutralises philosophies of the past | The Irish Times

Yo let’s talk in depth about tactics, if that’s what you’re into.

Who Are Bundesliga Fans? A Four-Part Answer | Bundesliga Fanatic

Yo let’s talk in depth about Bundesliga fan culture, if that’s what you’re into.

I’m outtie, folks. Hit up the comments!