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USMNT vs. Chile, women’s soccer for the win, and more: Freedom Kicks for 3/26/19

And no, Fenerbahce, you can’t have Lucho.

Hey there, friendos. I’m not feeling quite 100% today so we’re just going to head straight into Freedom Kicks.

Report: Luciano Acosta in talks with Fenerbahce | B&RU

gtfo Fenerbahçe!!

USA vs. Chile, 2019 friendly: What to watch for | Stars and Stripes FC

Donald previews tonight’s USMNT friendly for you.

Soccer can’t kick its addiction to caring about the stupid things ex-stars have to say | Yahoo! Sports

This is great if you find petty drama entertaining, as I do.

Arsenal’s elite girls thrive after being put on an equal footing with the boys | The Guardian

Yas girls, get it!

Women’s soccer seems to have reached a turning point in 2019 | The Washington Post

Yass girls, get it!!

How NBC Sports Analyst Kyle Martino Is Shaking Up The American Soccer Culture | Forbes

I am very confused by this analogy: “[Street FC] is kind of the SoulCycle of pick up soccer,” Martino says. ”It’s a very inclusive, very affordable, very enjoyable on-demand pick up soccer experience.” Will someone please explain to me in what way SoulCycle is “very affordable”?

That’s all from me, folks. Have fun in the comments!