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D.C. (and Loudoun) United don’t score, Flo (kinda) doesn’t work & more: Freedom Kicks for 3/11/19

Also some strange things in England.

Hi. Am dealing with a toddler with pink eye today, so minimal banter from me.

Recaps of D.C. United’s scoreless draw with New York City FC from us, Goff, Flo (this is a Streff gamer) and MLS. Hudson River Blue has the pigeon’s side of things.

D.C. United’s new streaming partnership gets off to a rough start (WaPo): I bailed at halftime. Weather was nice and my kid was getting restless. Heckuva first impression though!

Loudoun United’s 1st game ends in a 2-0 loss (us): Given this was the third game (and first competitive one) together, not bad. Go click and read about the kids and the fantastic miss!

Wayne Rooney may get the headlines, but Luciano Acosta is the future of D.C. United’s business (WBJ, $): This interview is paradoxically in-depth without getting into specifics. Worth a look if you can.

USWNT files gender discrimination lawsuit against US Soccer in federal court (Stars and Stripes FC): Go get paid, ladies.

New Visa law set to block some imports (The Women’s Game): Given the Washington Spirit have acquired a couple players from that region, worth your interest as the A and W Leagues could be impacted.

Grealish takes one on the chin before delivering KO (7500 to Holte): Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish bore the brunt of a pitch invader during Aston Villa’s derby with Birmingham City, before exacting revenge on the club that fan roots for. Baller.

That’s all I got, the boy is calling.