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D.C. United ties FC Cincinnati, Galaxy try to retain Giovani Dos Santos, and more: Freedom Kicks for 2/8/2019

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I don’t have much to offer you this Friday morning. Looks like it’s going to be decent outside before taking a turn to the frigid, and then it’ll snow on Monday. Basically, tonight is your chance to get out into the world and grab a margarita without having to wear a parka over a different parka. Seize the day!

Or not, I’m not your boss.

D.C. United, FC Cincinnati battle to 1-1 preseason draw | Black and Red United
Looking forward to recapping a game where we can actually form our own opinions rather than react to the select few who made it to Florida. We did our best with limited info about D.C. United’s first meeting with FC Cincinnati. If someone wants to send me down to Florida to cover the team, or can convince large companies to do so, please let me know.

FC Cincinnati ties Wayne Rooney’s DC United, 1-1 | Cincinnati Enquirer
One of those select few was Pat Brennan, so give his recap a read.

Here’s the quick version if you just want a Black-and-Red angle:

Luciano Acosta scores in first appearance for D.C. United since Paris Saint-Germain saga | Washington Post
Steve Goff has more details, including some verification on lineup stuff that wasn’t available following the game.

Ben Olsen, DC United Have One Simple Goal: ‘Bring Back A Trophy’ | FloFC
You wanted more content out of Flo Sports, and this is certainly a start. Behind the scenes stuff from team meetings, a chat with Ben Olsen, and more.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wayne Rooney and Bastian Schweinsteiger | Planet Futbol podcast
Grant Wahl recently spoke with two guys who didn’t go the playoffs, and also Wayne Rooney.

Here’s a weird photo!

That is Lamar Neagle and Collin Martin, both members of the United team that wore white jerseys with a horizontal red stripe pattern from the rib cage up. However, this photo is from this preseason, with Martin still playing for Minnesota United. Neagle, meanwhile, is on trial with Phoenix Rising, who happen to be wearing Macron’s old DCU away knock-off design.

Where’s the money gone? Not to D.C. United — Financial accounts paint a bleak picture | Vital Swansea
For those not following along, first of all I envy you because I’d sooner not even think about random Championship clubs. However, since United shares owners with Swansea City, here we are. Essentially, Swansea fans are mad at their team for being thrifty for some time now, and it has become popular in some quarters to conclude that Swansea’s money is being funneled to United for...reasons. It’s not the kind of theory that stands up to any actual thought, as this piece makes clear.

Let’s move on to better things. Here’s a Washington Spirit podcast for your listening pleasure:

The Royal Watch: Sky Blue FC troubles & the future of Amy Rodriguez | RSL Soapbox
This brings up a pretty interesting point about what happens to a Federation player when US Soccer opts to no longer subsidize their salary. For the Utah Royals, that’s Amy Rodriguez; for the Spirit, in all likelihood it will be Taylor Smith.

LA Galaxy attempting to restructure Giovani dos Santos’ contract |
Sam Stejskal has yet another scoop, this time concerning the LA Galaxy’s attempt to, for some reason, keep Giovani Dos Santos on their books. Here’s hoping Chris Klein is running the show over there forever.

Chicago Fire Soccer Club Acquires 2019 International Roster Spot from Minnesota United FC |
For those of you who track the market on international roster spots, the Loons Fire are out here throwing everything off by wildly overbidding.

Reports: Minnesota United to acquire goalkeeper Vito Mannone | E Pluribus Loonum
Speaking of Minnesota, here they are apparently landing former Arsenal backup Vito Mannone.

I’m not too optimistic about any MLS jersey, given that Adidas has taken a turn towards limiting options and pushing boring designs on everyone and gray on us specifically. Let’s look at what could be:

This is the very rare jersey that is boosted by the sponsor logo rather than hurt by it. And look at that, Adidas made a template kit that isn’t bad on its own! If only we could have nice things.

In soccer-mad Argentina, women fight sexism and inequality | Associated Press
It would be great if stories like this weren’t necessary, but we’re barely a year past the point where Argentina’s women’s national team had to strike to get more than a $10 per diem.

Monterrey, Tigres lavish spending shows Liga MX’s decreasing parity | ESPNFC
Monterrey recently spent $16 million on Maximiliano Meza, which is almost equal to the estimated value of Lobos BUAP’s entire roster. So yeah, not exactly great for parity.