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VAR for the Women’s World Cup? Freedom Kicks for 2/5/19.

And a cool $8.5 million transfer fee from NYCFC.

Gooood morning, folks. This weekend I went to DSW and left with not one, but two pairs of Dr. Scholls shoes because I am becoming an old.

(Jk though because they make cute shoes actually. I know you guys are here for my assessment of shoes’ cuteness.)

Okay! Let’s do the soccer.

The Options To Fill The Role Of Steven Birnbaum’s Partner For DC United | FloFC

All right I know I’ve only complained about FloSports since it came onto the DCU Scene, but you’re allowed to read this because it’s Streff.

Selling Acosta a tough reality to swallow for D.C. United fans new and old | Medium

Pablo wrote this before the PSG deal fell through, but I think it’ still worth a few minutes to read. If only to help yourself prepare for the day, hopefully far in the future, when we do have to sell Lucho.

Can the Washington Spirit use last year’s draft to help them this year? | B&RU

Jason dives deep into roster rules. Jason is good at that!

The biggest winners from January’s US camp, ranked | MLS

What’s up, Paul Arriola.

Refs train with VAR ahead of approval for Women’s World Cup | AP

Yes please thank you, mockingly making the VAR signal has become a key part of my soccer watching regimen.

Warshaw: How Alex Mitrita could change the way NYCFC attack | MLS

$8.5 million transfer fee. $8.5 million!!!

I’m out, friends. Go forth and try not to just casually drop $8.5 million on anything.