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D.C. wins, the Spirit may miss a new player for awhile & more: Freedom Kicks for 2/18/19

Also, your chance to see the Best Documentary of 2018 on TV tonight.

MLS: FC Cincinnati at DC United Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Hi there. Happy President’s Day, hope you got my card.

Hey, D.C. United had a preseason game Saturday, and we could see it! Gamers from us, Goff and MLS.

Loudoun United signs Andrew Lubahn (us): Loudoun gets a grittership guy Saturday. Would also mention their Friday afternoon signing as some interesting preseason names are in there.

So new Washington Spirit acquisition Chloe Logarzo did this golazo Friday morning:

On the downside, the Spirit curse may live on as Logarzo is awaiting further results on her leg after a nasty tackle Friday, which could force her out for awhile.

Finally, I’ve been talking about Minding the Gap for a little bit now, and think it’s the Best Documentary of 2018. I have not seen all the nominees, but this has been the most resonant for me. Some of it doesn’t apply to me, but PBS’ summation of the film is apt:

“While navigating a complex relationship between his camera and his skateboarding friends, (director Bing Liu) explores the gap between fathers and sons, between discipline and domestic abuse and ultimately that precarious chasm between childhood and becoming an adult.”

I don’t watch comic book movies much anymore, and for my money the two of the Best Films of 2018 (First Man and Widows) got little in the way of award praise or nominations. But if one of the guys from Hoop Dreams thinks Minding the Gap good enough to attach his name to as a producer, chances are it’s a pretty good film. And it is. It comes on PBS’ POV tonight, for those of you who don’t have Hulu, where it’s been for a few months now. Trailer ahoy: