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Miguel Almiron’s Newcastle debut, FC Cincy’s first jerseys, & more: Freedom Kicks for 2/12/19

And FC Arizona signs a sex offender.

Hiya, friends. It’s been pretty busy at work for me lately so I can’t say I’ve been paying all that much attention to the soccers. But I’ve got a few things for ya today. Let’s get to it!

Report: D.C. United close to signing Quincy Amarikwa | B&RU

I’ll allow it.

Which opponents would be most intriguing for the USMNT? | Stars and Stripes FC

Ooooh, I’d definitely take a Uruguay friendly.

FC Cincinnati unveil primary and secondary jerseys for inaugural MLS season | MLS

The white secondary jerseys are as blah as blah can be, but the primary ones are nice.

Warshaw: Each MLS team’s most irreplaceable player | MLS

I’ll give you one guess for D.C. United’s.

Champions League Last 16 Predictions, With Much Changed Since Draw | Sports Illustrated

Honestly I started reading this and got distracted by the writer’s use of “garner” twice in the introduction. Edit, people. Anyway, there’s Champions League this week.

There were also things of interest on the Twitter machine yesterday:

OK, cool. Something else cool I guess:

That’s Miguel Almiron making his Newcastle debut. But here’s something a looooooot less cool:

Friendly reminder that this guy had sex with a 15-year-old girl. “Clean slates” and “second chances”? Get out of here.

Now I’m outta here. Have a great day, everyone!