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Loudoun United evaluates, D.C. United has questions, and more: Freedom Kicks for 2/11/19

Also, this writer may die from being out in the weekend cold.

Black and Red United

Hi, so I went to see Loudoun United hold tryouts on Saturday, which is the picture you’re seeing. Was OK, too cold, and for a guy dealing with one of his own, was a recipe for disaster. So I left about halfway through, and skipped Sunday, while the warm cellbath of plague overwhelmed me.

Rooney ‘knocks back shots with barmaid and pals on boozy night out’ (Daily Mail): Next time someone in the U.K. press mentions the puritanical Americans, mention that nary a U.S. outlet that I saw went into discussion on...whatever this is, from Wayne Rooney.

5 questions for D.C. United at the midway point of MLS training camp (WaPo): We knew most of this already (I think) and it doesn’t hoe any new ground, but worth a look.

Squabbles over money before Sala is even buried expose game’s hard face (Guardian): This look at the interactions between Nantes and Cardiff City in the wake of Emiliano Sala’s transfer and subsequent tragic death by plane crash shows us it is a business at times.

Brotes verdes: ventas récord de los clubes, con el guiño de la devaluación (La Nación): Buried down in here is a dollar figure associated with Leonardo Jara’s loan to D.C. United. It appears to hint to salary at Boca, but if anyone feels like clarifying, hit the comments.

Bite Me Randy Newman (Gheorghe): This comment, written by the Vice President of the Board of Loudoun Soccer (Loudoun United’s neighbor at Bolen Park), seems like a fair summation:

With 29 days until the season opener, the team barely has a full roster, doesn’t yet have a full-time home stadium, and hasn’t played a preseason game. There will be lumps.

Hopefully whatever came down overnight on the roads doesn’t disrupt your day.