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Segra Field funding approved, MLS season openers announced, and more: Freedom Kicks for 12/6/2019

USSF problems? You don’t say!

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Xavier Dussaq/Courtesy of Loudoun United

It sure is Friday. I’m fighting through a headache that’s really a neck problem, I’m writing this while hungry, and I’m doing my best to not carry my whiny mood into the article beyond this opening paragraph.

Loudoun County approves $10M in additional funding for Leesburg soccer stadium | Washington Business Journal
Those cost overruns are pretty wild.

D.C. United host Colorado Rapids in MLS 2020 home opener | Black and Red United
Here’s hoping the cheap fingerless gloves I bring to cold games hold up through the winter, because this game’s gonna be cold. But hey, D.C. United fans have the shortest wait for a competitive game, so that’s cool.

U.S. Soccer Federation’s Struggles Deepen | Wall Street Journal
Things are still bad, and the fed is still in “All is well!” mode. Great, good, cool.

Charlotte nearly assured of MLS team as Nashville season tickets lag; more news from MLS board of governors meeting | The Athletic
The sausage is being made!

Seriously though, good reporting here, including a surprisingly low number of season tickets sold for an incoming expansion team.

Sources: Chicago Fire in the process of hiring a sporting director | The Athletic
Good luck to the new hire in Chicago, whenever they arrive. You’re gonna need it!

Oscar Pareja on what MLS does better than Liga MX, and what is next |
Good luck to Oscar Pareja in Orlando. You’re gonna need it!

Oscar Pareja Meets with Orlando Media | The Mane Land
More from Pareja on what seems to me like a doomed position. The ceiling in Orlando, given their organization’s various problems, appears to be “just barely getting into the playoffs.”

MLS players and their cleats: Answering common questions about footwear with Atlanta United’s equipment manager | The Athletic
If you’re a shoe nerd like I am, this stuff is pretty interesting. Also, if I win the lottery, I’m going to buy my own hydrocollator.

Kader Bamba went from amateur soccer to trying tricks against PSG | SB Nation
This is awesome.

Kickers transfer Gallardo to Real Monarchs SLC |
This move involves a transfer fee, which is something that hasn’t been seen too often among clubs in the USL’s various leagues. There is also a quote from head coach and sporting director Darren Sawatsky positioning the Kickers as a club that will develop players and move them along.

I’m out of gas, so let’s stop here. Stay warm this weekend, try a new beer or kind of food or something before Monday comes.