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USA vs. Cuba, MLS All-Stars vs. Liga MX, and more: Freedom Kicks for 11/19/19

and Sky Blue FC’s new home is Red Bull Arena

Hello hello, friends! I got distracted from putting together Freedom Kicks for you because I was doing Important Research for an upcoming trip to Disney World. Don’t tell me you’ve never been distracted because you’re fantasizing about all the snacks you’re gonna eat.

USA vs. Cuba, CONCACAF Nations League group stage: What to watch for | Stars and Stripes FC

On deck tonight.

Why can’t the USMNT distance itself from the brink of crisis? | Yahoo! Sports

I mean, because it’s the USMNT. Didn’t know we needed another answer.

What the USWNT can learn from Australia’s equal pay deal | Yahoo! Sports

It was a different situation in Australia, but nonetheless, these things are possible. Equal pay is possible.

MLS All-Stars will play top Liga MX players next summer at Banc of California Stadium | Los Angeles Times

Still wish they’d bring back East vs. West, but OK.

Red Bull Arena to be home of NWSL’s Sky Blue FC in 2020 | MLS


The Zlatan Ibrahimovic Experience: A look at the Swedish star’s impact on MLS | MLS

Sometimes I choose to just forget that Zlatan is in MLS. Impact!

Media Frenzy for Henry’s Grand Entrance | Mount Royal Soccer

This all checks out.

To close things out today, let’s check in on Party Boy post-retirement:

Have a great day, everyone!