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Fantasy Focus: DagNRed Does the Double

Take a bow

MLS Soccer - Los Angeles FC v Houston Dynamo Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images

DagNRed entered the final round with a 12-point deficit to overcome in the classic league while also playing in the final of the head-to-head league. The head-to-head final was very close, but the finish of the classic league was emphatic, and DagNRed took home both titles.

West Knox United sat atop the classic league going into the final day, but two unplanned DNPs, including captain Diego Valeri (POR, $12.5), meant that only 10 players scored, and the leader only mustered 75 points and slumped to sixth place overall. Meanwhile, DagNRed put up a round-leading 133 points and cruised to the title by a 34-point margin over Demonbarber19.

In the head-to-head contest, DagNRed faced off against Far West Outlaws XI and narrowly prevailed by a score of 133-130. The winners can point to the decision to captain Carlos Vela (LA, $15.9), whose 36 armband-aided points more than doubled Outlaws captain Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s (LAG, $14.3) 16. The Outlaws picked the better team, but the champions made the better decision at captain.

That puts a bow on the 2019 MLS Fantasy season. I hope you’ve enjoyed playing. See you next year!