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2019 MLS schedule, Weah loaned to Celtic, & more: Freedom Kicks for 1/8/19

PS the SuperDraft is Friday

Hello hello! I’m trying to decide on my reading goal for 2019. Last year I set a goal to read more in general—I stopped watching TV right before sleep and now only read then—and I aimed for 50 books for the year. I ended up at 70 books! So do I aim higher this year? I feel like 70 may have been my peak...

(Don’t @ me if you’re out there reading like 100 books a year. This was a lot for me! And if you only read 2 books a year or only read books to your kids or only read this excellent website, that is cool too.)

OK, I realize you are not here for my New Year New Me™ content. Let’s talk soccer! I shall start with a few of our things from this, an excellent website, just in case you missed them.

D.C. United announces 2019 schedule | B&RU

Personally can’t wait for that March 3 opener with a 6 p.m. kickoff. I fully expect to freeze.

Breaking down D.C. United’s roster heading into preseason | B&RU

As per usual, Jason has you covered.

Is FloSports D.C. United’s new broadcast partner? | B&RU

I know Ryan had this in yesterday’s FKs but I have THINGS to SAY. I didn’t get NewsChannel 8 anyway so away games were always a struggle for me, but at $12.50/month this is even worse. I might consider paying if it’s <$5 as Pablo suggests it could be:

But frankly, even then I probably wouldn’t. D.C. United: Make this a perk of being a STH. Do it now.

What to Watch as Berhalter Era Begins With USMNT January Camp | Sports Illustrated

Mainly I am watching to make sure Berhalter properly appreciates Russell Canouse and Paul Arriola.

Warshaw: 2019 MLS SuperDraft hopefuls and their MLS doppelgangers | MLS

The draft is this Friday at 1 p.m., FYI.

Brian Ching to step down as Houston Dash managing director | Houston

“To focus on personal and entrepreneurial interests.” Tell me more about the Brian Ching startup I didn’t know I needed.

Paris Saint-Germain’s Timothy Weah loaned to Scottish side Celtic | ESPN


That’s all, folks. Stay awesome out there today.