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Is FloSports D.C. United’s new broadcast partner?

A possible new direction for United’s broadcast

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Dave Johnson, Lindsay Simpson, Devon McTavish

As first reported by Pablo Maurer of The Athletic, one of the broadcast platforms interested in acquiring D.C. United’s local rights is FloSports, a streaming startup based in Austin, TX. They currently broadcast more niche sports programming, such as international basketball, gymnastics, college hockey, and the World Country Western Dance Championships, among many others. A deal for an MLS team would be, as sources told The Athletic, “among the site’s flagship acquisitions.” Now, Black and Red United has pieced together more information that makes it seem likely that FloSports, out of all the possible contenders for United’s rights, is the likely champion.

A job posting on the film production job site Staff Me Up advertises for a Director of Photography for FloSports based in Washington, D.C. The ad states that “FloSports is looking for a DP to produce, shoot, and edit video content with the DC United soccer team” starting on January 15.

They are also hiring for a Content Creator for their “forthcoming soccer channel, FloFC” based in Washington, D.C. Out of the myriad jobs available on their website, this is the only one based in D.C. and one of the very few not based in Austin, TX.

Individually, these two job postings prove nothing, but connecting the dots makes it seem likely that FloSports has already been chosen as D.C. United’s new broadcast partner. Right now, FloSports is only available on Roku devices, Apple TVs (4th gen+), iOS devices, and in the browser; it is currently priced at $12.50 per month. Hopefully more platforms, such as Android devices, Fire TVs, Xboxes, and other set top units will be included soon.

FloSports is a streaming startup based out of Austin, TX that was founded in 2006. They acquired more than 150 new streaming rights deals in 2018. In a press release from last month, they state that one of their goals is to help get their clients’ stories out to a wider audience:

The team also looks to see if there is a way that they can tell a clients’ story in a unique way.

“We’ve got to have room to do some of the other things,” Wendler stated, “whether that’s marketing, editorial, or storytelling to make sure that we’re expanding on the awareness and engagement in their brand.”

D.C. United told Black and Red United that they are unable to comment at this time. At this point, we do not know any further details, such as the composition of the broadcast crew, blackout details, or anything else.

More as we hear it.