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Luciano Acosta to PSG, Man City, or nowhere? Freedom Kicks for Deadline Day

Here we go!

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MLS Media Week - Day 2 Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for TAG Heuer

So it has finally come. D.C. United is ensconced in Deadline Day madness that includes one of the team’s best players and a potential move to one of Europe’s biggest leagues. All we can do is sit back, stay warm in this polar vortex, and watch today unfold.

Report: Paris Saint-Germain bidding for D.C. United’s Luciano Acosta - Black And Red United: In case you (somehow) missed it, D.C. United has reportedly received an offer of up to $10M for Luciano Acosta. That would blow away their previous transfer record and they would basically have to accept. The teams mentioned include PSG, Man City, and another unnamed Premier League team.

To see D.C. United now involved in Deadline Day is just buckwild, and is likely the influence of Wayne Rooney too.

Sources: DC United rejected large offer for Luciano Acosta, working on new contract – The Athletic: Earlier in the day, we learned that United had rejected an offer of between $6.2M and $7.5M for Lucho, which still would have been more than double the previous transfer record. We also learned that the team was willing to make Lucho the second highest paid player in order to try and keep him here.

D.C. United confirms signing Leonardo Jara on loan from Boca Juniors - Black And Red United: One Argentine out, one Argentine in.

Labbé: A story of depression, a bronze medal and the power of resilience | Team Canada - Official Olympic Team Website: A brave and powerful piece from the former Washington Spirit keeper, and one that puts the team (and especially Jim Gabarra) in a terrible light.

Sebastian Giovinco leaving Toronto FC for Al-Hilal - Waking The Red: Speaking of the team that apparently offered $7.5M for Acosta, they ended up getting Sebastian Giovinco for $2-$3M.

Reports: Toronto FC set to acquire Terrence Boyd - Waking The Red: The former national teamer goes to Toronto (and could have made a nice backup to Senor Wayne)

An Open Letter to Fans and Supporters of Seattle Reign FC from the owners - Sounder At Heart: The Seattle Reign and Sounders 2 are moving to Tacoma and getting new names. In an unheard of amount of transparency, the Reign owners give a detailed look at the process, including why they couldn’t go to any stadium in Seattle.

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 20: The One With The Predmores - Sounder At Heart: The owners also went on a podcast to discuss the oe.

The Tacoma Defiance logo is pretty good.

Strap in! It is gonna be a wild day.