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USMNT vs. Panama recap, Josh Sargent hype, and more: Freedom Kicks for 1/29/19

Plus: Rent live was bad and I’m mad about it.

OK, I know this is a soccer blog and you are here for the soccer, but did anyone watch the “live” production of Rent the other night? Because I’m watching it as I write this and I’ve never been so annoyed at someone for breaking their foot. This show is a mess.

Apologies if that made zero sense to you. On to things that will!

D.C. United finalizes deal with Argentine defender Leonardo Jara | The Washington Post


Richie Williams named first coach of Loudoun United | B&RU

Ryan is always here with your Loudon United news.

USA vs. Panama: What we learned | Stars and Stripes FC

I wasn’t able to watch this game but I am here for the Michael Bradley appreciation.

The USMNT’s win over Panama is the latest argument to do away with January friendlies entirely | Yahoo! Sports

Yes but I enjoy having something in my life called Camp Cupcake.

A man, a plan, a process – Berhalter gives us all a USMNT “baseline” | MLS

Last USA v. Panama article for this Freedom Kicks—Boehm’s thoughts on the game.

Josh Sargent is 18 and should become the best striker in USMNT history | SB Nation

Are you on the Josh Sargent hype train?

FloSports Signs Deal For New Int’l Concacaf Tournament | SportsBusiness Daily

Stop trying to make FloSports happen.

All right, I’m off to finish this Rent show. I’ll leave you with something new for your to-read list!