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D.C. United waives Ousted, welcomes Odoi-Atsem back & more: Freedom Kicks for 1/28/19

And, Barry’s coming back soon to HBO yesssss

MLS: D.C. United at Montreal Impact Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Hi. I was making a bunch of food for my kid Sunday (in prep for the many days and weeks to come), I’m presuming the soccer was OK?

Ousted leaves D.C. for Chicago (us): Less that David Ousted was traded from D.C. United to the Chicago Fire, more that a convenient agreement was made. Hot Time in Old Town has their side of it.

After beating cancer, D.C. United’s Chris Odoi-Atsem aims to return to soccer (WaPo): Here’s hoping he does.

D.C. United’s defensive target from Boca Juniors has arrived, and a deal seems close (WaPo): Apparently Ulises Segura as a backup forward was a thing of some concern, but given the roster is far from complete, I’m not gnashing teeth until March 2, 3rd or whenever it is.

Robles asume una de las nuevas gerencias de la ANFP (La Tercera): Remember D.C. United South American Scouting Director Rodrigo Robles? He left O’Higgins at the end of last year, and has taken a job with the Chilean Football Federation, managing the League and Competition divisions of the Professional system into a consolidated group.

And hey, here’s a preview of Season Two of HBO’s funny and very good series Barry: