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Gregg Berhalter’s USMNT, D.C. United updates, & more: Freedom Kicks for 1/22/19

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Plus: The robots are coming.

Guyssssssss I hate winter. I’m heading to Florida at the end of the February for the Disney Princess 10K and although I am obviously excited for the race and a vacation, at this moment I’m mostly excited for the weather. I HATE WINTER.

But I do like soccer, and so do you, so let’s get to some Freedom Kicks.

D.C. United signs Antonio Bustamante to Homegrown contract | B&RU

Welcome, Antonio!

D.C. United, goalkeeper David Ousted seem close to parting ways | The Washington Post

Chicago seems the likely destination.

Dream debut for Dundee United’s American new boy Ian Harkes | The Courier

He scored against Montrose, who are apparently nicknamed the “Gable Endies,” something I had to google because...wut. Evidently it has to do with houses being built “gable-end” to the street? What? Our nicknames are so lame, guys.

France vs USA Signaled The Beginning Of The War Against The Machines | Howler

Jason is here to warn you about robots.

The USMNT finally has a vision | SB Nation

As long as the vision is “Make Leanne Care About the USMNT Again,” then that’s excellent. Sub in your own name there as needed.

OK, that’s all from me because my fingers are cold. Stay warm!