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Warrant for Ronaldo’s DNA, DCU’s third round draft picks, & more: Freedom Kicks for 1/15/19

*dun dun*

Greetings! Did I work from home yesterday because I didn’t feel like going outside and also I am lazy? Why yes, yes I did. Guys, I love watching the snow but boy do I hate the melty, slushy aftermath. Sadly, I’m in the office today.

MLS Draft 2019: D.C. United adds Vermont’s Geo Alves, Cal’s Shinya Kadono in 3rd round | B&RU

ICYMI yesterday.

As Amanda Duffy becomes NWSL president, league’s lack of diversity in coach and front office hires causes concern |

*clap* fewer *clap* white *clap* men *clap*

As American Soccer Builds Toward 2026, USL Ramps Up Its Ambition | Sports Illustrated

Trigger warning for mention of pro/rel.

De Boer’s experience with “beacon” club Ajax convinced Atlanta United | MLS

I’m saying this for about the millionth time, but I can’t believe this is the same Atlanta I grew up in. Thanks for waiting until I left, y’all.

The Implications of Las Vegas Police’s Warrant Seeking Cristiano Ronaldo’s DNA | Sports Illustrated

Not trying to make light of an alleged rape at all, but I can’t wait for the inevitable SVU episode based on this. (Except in SVU Benson would’ve arrested Ronaldo by now.)

On a lighter note, I leave you to meet D.C. United’s Lucas Rodriguez:

Stay warm out there, friends!