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Onyewu retires, Campeones Cup, and more: Freedom Kicks for 9/18/18

PS there’s still no USMNT coach.

Guys...I need a moment here to complain about the wicked sunburn I have from Sunday’s game. IT IS RIDICULOUS. My legs look like Ross on that one episode of Friends when he only gets a spray tan on one side of his body. I will never trust a weather app again. Overcast was a LIE. And also I will never forget my sunglasses again.

OK. Anyway. Soccer! Let’s do some Freedom Kicks.

Oguchi Onyewu announces his retirement | Stars and Stripes FC

Goooooch. His injuries sucked but he was still a USMNT mainstay for a while there. Best of luck to him!

Undocumented | The Players’ Tribune

Miguel Aguilar tells his story as a Dreamer and it is so, so worth reading.

David Moyes Reveals Interest in USMNT Coaching Job | Sports Illustrated

I love stories like this. I, too, would consider accepting the USMNT coaching job if it were offered to me. I will also now reveal my interest in becoming the lead singer of a 90s cover band, if approached. And should the opportunity arise, I would have to consider a position as Chief Master of the Universe.

San Jose Earthquakes fire head coach Mikael Stahre | Center Line Soccer

Womp womp.

Campeones Cup a chance for Toronto FC to safeguard their legacy | MLS

Genuinely curious about how into this people are. Do you care about the new Campeones Cup? Do you think it could redeem Toronto’s season?

How Vanessa DiBernardo quietly became Chicago Red Stars’ most important player | SB Nation

Her team take on the North Carolina Courage today in the NWSL’s second semifinal. Final against the Portland Thorns Saturday!

All right, folks, I’m off to bathe in aloe vera. Enjoy this not sunny day!