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D.C. United making dreams come true & more: Freedom Kicks for 8/23/18

Also, MLS2ATX gets a REALLY ugly face.

Hihi. I am your Caitlin today. Caitlin is busy preparing for school abroad and gave up her day to Donald, and I offered to take it on now that I’m back in the land of the semi pseudo North. I’m home this week with my kid so Kicks are a little scatterbrained today:

New York City 1, Red Bulls 1 - as it happened! (Hudson River Blue): The short version: The New York Red Bulls couldn’t score multiple goals on a 9-man NYCFC team. That’s how I’ll look at it at least.

Maryland boy’s dream to become professional soccer player comes true thanks to DC United (Fox 5 DC): I always like these things, seems like they did this well.

Since we’re on the D.C. United topic, I have a couple of other things, the first is a note on a former DC homegrown:

And here is the second, with 538’s odds before the MLS season and now on playoff chances and whatnot:

How Wayne Rooney has helped transform DC United’s fortunes in MLS (Sky): This wasn’t a terrible read...up to a point.

Oh hey, here’s the logo for the proposed MLS team in Austin:

And I guess Jason would fire me if I didn’t put the trailer for the new season of It’s Always Sunny in here: