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MLS All-Stars vs. Juventus and USWNT Tournament of Nations: Freedom Kicks for 8/2/2018

Chicago is important for a day

Good morning! Today is the final day of the Tournament of Nations and the USWNT will face Brazil tonight in Chicago. Well that’s exciting and great news, I think the real cool news is that I closed a bit over 30 tabs before starting to write this. Definitely the coolest news.

All quiet on the transfer front for D.C. United | Black And Red United
The transfer window is open until the 8th but it doesn’t look like any huge moves are afoot for D.C. United, which isn’t great!

D.C. United is markedly different with Wayne Rooney: Filibuster | Black And Red United
Listen to Filibuster or see how speech recognition software is doing by reading the transcript.

The MASTER NWSL PLAYER which could really come in handy for the Spirit right now.

On Sunday the Spirit will face Seattle on the road (which never goes well) and then play in Utah on Wednesday.

Recap: MLS All-Star Team vs. Juventus | MLS Soccer
In front of over 72,000 fans in Atlanta, Juventus beat the MLS All-Star Team after going to a penalty kick shootout.

Great. Now that’s done.

Here’s what else is happening:

USA vs Brazil, Tournament of Nations: match preview and how to watch | Stars and Stripes FC
Brazil faces the USWNT tonight, Brazil hasn't impressed much this tournament but they do have Marta so that counts for something.

Lindsey Horan named NWSL Player of the Month | Stumptown Footy
Lindsey Horan was named NWSL Player of the Month for her first time ever. She's a top contender for NWSL golden boot.

The Case For The NWSL All-Star Game | Hot Time In Old Town
Not only does this make a case for the NWSL to have an all-star game, but it gets into what format it should be in, how to emphasize non-NT players, and more. Definitely a fan of the WNBA's format over MLS.

Kickers defeated on the road in Pittsburgh | Richmond Kickers
Pittsburgh got on the board early against Richmond and beat the Kickers 3-0.

That’s all I’ve got for today, hopefully tomorrow’s struggle bus has padded seats.