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Still riding that Rooney-Acosta high | Freedom Kicks for 8/14/18

sorry not sorry

Y’allllllll are you still kinda on a high from Sunday? Because I definitely am and I’m 100% ready to do it all again tomorrow night.

But I also have a horrific headache so let’s get this bad boy going so I can go lie down or something fml

We begin with two tweets:

Unfortunate for Clark, but given the know we’re all going for Bill Hamid.

YASSSS GIRLS GET IT. I can’t make the game on Sunday but I’m hoping I may be able to catch some of it on TV and hear this badass booth of ladies.

D.C. United vs. Orlando -- and a glaring VAR failure that MLS needs to explain | SoccerAmerica

This was something I didn’t really notice at the time but watching it back, Bendik’s play here is bonkers. Why you trying to cannonball into Lucho??

Five thing we learned from Bill Hamid’s return to MLS | American Soccer Analysis

Damn this article is harsh. Just let me be happy about my Billy Ham being back!!

Wayne Rooney’s MLS Career Is Heating Up | The Ringer

This article ranks “the best parts” of The Play, and I’m not really sure I agree with everything written here, but who cares because it’s an opportunity to watch the video again.

Serie A, FA Cup deals show ESPN still a big believer in power of soccer | SportsBusiness Journal

Honestly though even Miroslav Klose couldn’t get me to actually watch Serie A.

Introducing the Computer Generated Bundesliga | Bavarian Football Works

This is hilarious and I have now switched all allegiances to SG Bad Berlin.

Leanne out! Go nuts in the comments!