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Soccer free-for-all: Freedom Kicks for 7/31/18

The comments are waiting for you.

Guys, it’s only Tuesday and I’m already on the struggle bus. I failed to pay attention to anything at all happening in soccer yesterday (or over the weekend for that matter), so Freedom Kicks is—you guessed it!—a free-for-all today.

Have at it, friends. Do you care about the All-Star game this week? Still feeling good about Rooney’s first goal with D.C. United? Been watching the USWNT in the Tournament of Nations?

(Also, has anyone watched Amazing Interiors on Netflix? Because I have a lot of follow-up questions for all the people on this show. What’s your job? Where do you get your money? Why do you build survivalist bunkers? How many litter boxes do you have for the 22 cats you own? You spent £40,000 on curved glass so you could display your car like James Bond??)

Over to you all in the comments!